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🚨My 4-Module Program is Here to Help Guide you as you Heal from Past Hurts🚨


"Healing from your Traumatic Past”
I Coach Men and Women to Heal from Trauma & Crisis, learn how to forgive, and shift their Mindsets to attract everything designed for them.
This is a Step-by-Step Blueprint & Spiritual Guide to Healing from; Trauma, Crisis, Loss, Abuse, Depression, Hurt, Pain, Expired Relationships, etc.

👩🏽‍💻 In this 4-6 week program you will Learn:
📌 Learn how to Face your Trauma.
📌Actionable steps for ways to Cope through Trauma.
📌Learn how to adequately combat your trauma, crisis, and/or loss.
📌This program will teach you the importance of Forgiveness and why it is necessary to be set Free.
📌Learn how to shift your mindset and thought process while strengthening your relationship with the Most High God.
📌This course is not only focused on a mental transformation but a Spiritual transformation as well.

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